About Us

storyAlthough I’m an accomplished writer with two fiction mystery novels under my belt, I’ve been making organic handmade soap for my family for the past six years.

My desire for all things natural and my love for soap making, I found myself playing with different recipes that would help ease the discomfort of extremely dry, sensitive skin. Researching the benefits of different oils, I discovered that hemp seed oil and butter helps ease the discomfort for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis as well as extremely dry skin.

As we get older our skin looses a lot of the moisture we had when we were young. We spend so much time and money, moisturizing our skin, day and night , why not get the same benefit in a soap that is not only gentle for your skin but smells great too?

I’ve created some wonderful soaps that have fragrances to die for. All my moisturizing soaps are made with a variety of natural oils and butters such as coconut, palm, olive, peach kernel, palm kernel, apricot, avocado, castor, canola, coco butter and Shea butter.

My hemp seed soap has the added benefit of organic hemp seed to help in the fight of dry and damaged skin. My milk soaps are made with real coconut milk, giving you the luxurious feel of a milk bath even in the shower.

All my soaps have real silk added to them which makes my soap stand above all the rest. The silk acts as a protective barrier while leaving your skin silky and smooth.

I’m sure after trying one of my bars, you will make them a regular part of your bath regimen and a luxury you will find difficult to live without.

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